FPSB has charted an ambitious course to build the financial planning profession  around the world and benefit the public for generations to come.

Our strategic framework – LASER – Leadership, Awareness, Standards, Engagement and Recognition


FPSB is the preeminent international financial planning standards authority for competent and ethical financial planners. CFP certification is the standard of excellence for financial planning professionalism worldwide.

  • FPSB leads the financial planning profession and professional financial advice space through a robust strategy, well-defined standards and high-quality content.
  • FPSB has established an effective governance structure.
  • FPSB has established diversified revenue sources.
  • FPSB has grown the number of CFP professionals in existing territories.
  • FPSB has grown the number of territories offering CFP certification.
  • FPSB has programs in place to facilitate effective entry into new territories and continued development of existing Members.
  • FPSB can align pathway programs in territories to FPSB’s standards and CFP certification.
  • FPSB has identified and developed global positions on key issues.


The public is aware of the value of the financial  planning process and of CFP certification.

  • FPSB and member organization have a common global branding and promotion strategy for CFP certification.
  • FPSB has clearly defined and promotes the distinct value of financial planning and CFP certification.
  • FPSB and Members measure public awareness of the value of financial planning and CFP certification in existing Member territories.
  • FPSB leverages technology to support the public’s engagement with financial planning and CFP professionals.
  • FPSB can demonstrate the benefit of financial planning and working with a CFP professional.


FPSB has established standards of excellence for financial planning, and Members and stakeholders are in full compliance with CFP certification program standards.

  • FPSB has defined a set of standards for the global financial planning profession.
  • FPSB Members have agreed to a core set of high-level standards for CFP certification and are making progress towards meeting them.
  • FPSB has reviewed the CFP certification assessment process to ensure it appropriately assesses financial planner competency.
  • FPSB engages the global academic community to develop the Global Body of Knowledge with additional content to support local application and cross-border practice.
  • FPSB supports the use of the CFP marks across borders through content and technology.
  • FPSB’s global CFP exam component is available for Members.


Stakeholders are engaged  in FPSB’s mission and FPSB Members have adequate resources to succeed.

  • FPSB actively convenes conversations with Members that move FPSB and the global profession forward.
  • FPSB member organizations actively engage and cooperate with FPSB and each other to lead the financial planning profession.
  • FPSB engages and leverages Members to mentor and support the development of new and existing Members.


Financial planning is recognized as a profession.

  • Territorial authorities have increased recognition of financial planning and view each member organization as leading the profession in the territory.
  • International standards-setting bodies recognize FPSB as the preeminent international standards-setting body for the profession.
  • FPSB has identified its value proposition for oversight of the profession and, with Members, can approach regulators/governments to offer solutions.
  • Key stakeholders recognize CFP certification as the premier professional certification for financial planners.
  • Firms engaged in financial planning recognize and support the value of CFP certification and FPSB’s standards globally.