FPSB has charted an ambitious course to establish financial planning as a global profession and the CFP marks as the global symbol of excellence in financial planning.

Our strategic framework – LASER – Leadership, Awareness, Standards, Engagement and Recognition


FPSB is the global authority for financial planning, and leads the professional financial advice space globally.

  • FPSB leads a global network of professional financial planning bodies offering programs in financial advice and financial planning in the public interest.
  • There are over 223,700 CFP professionals worldwide.
  • FPSB network delivers CFP certification and other FPSB-accredited qualifications in 27 countries and territories.
  • FPSB has prepared the global profession to deliver fintech-enabled financial planning.
  • FPSB has established diversified, profitable revenue sources.


The public is aware of the value of the financial  planning process and of CFP certification.

  • FPSB network has executed a global branding and promotion strategy for financial planning and CFP certification.
  • FPSB network has increased global access to affordable financial planning and CFP professionals.


FPSB has established, and enforces compliance with, global professional standards and certification requirements for financial planning and financial advice. CFP certification is the standard of excellence for financial planning professionalism worldwide.

  • FPSB has established global standards for professional financial advice and financial planning.
  • Global CFP certification requirements represent excellence in financial planning professionalism worldwide.
  • FPSB network has defined the global body of knowledge for the financial planning profession.
  • FPSB Ltd. certifications are internationally recognized and portable.


Affiliates and stakeholders support FPSB’s vision and are engaged in FPSB’s mission.

  • FPSB Affiliates are engaged and cooperate with FPSB Ltd. and each other to execute FPSB strategies.
  • Key stakeholders work with FPSB to promote financial planning professionalism and CFP certification globally.
  • Firms engaged in financial planning recognize and support the value of FPSB’s standards and CFP certification globally.


Financial planning is recognized as a profession.

  • Territorial authorities recognize financial planning, CFP certification and the FPSB network as leading the financial planning profession.
  • International authorities recognize FPSB as the global authority for financial planning.