Rules for Using the CFP Marks


FPSB owns the CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP Mark  certification and service marks (the CFP marks) outside the United States.

FPSB guides the development of international CFP certification requirements, and the professional delivery of financial planning, to benefit and protect consumers. Individuals who have met FPSB’s rigorous initial certification requirements, and who meet ongoing renewal requirements, are authorized to use the following three marks in the country or region in which they are certified:

CFP Mark



A person’s use of the CFP marks identifies that he or she has met rigorous ethics, competency and professional practice standards to deliver financial planning services in a country or region, as established by FPSB and locally adapted and administered by the FPSB member organization  in that territory. By using the CFP marks, a person is holding out his or her financial planning services to the public as meeting CFP certification standards.

To benefit the public, FPSB ensures that the CFP marks are protected and used properly in each territory where they are registered, and that any person using the CFP marks in a particular country or region has met appropriate certification requirements.

Proper use of the CFP marks by all FPSB stakeholders is critical. Unlike licenses to practice or educational credentials, the CFP certification and service marks are trademarks and, as such, must be used in compliance with trademark law in each territory in which they are registered.

FPSB requires all stakeholders to follow proper use guidelines and each FPSB member organization to mandate proper use of the CFP marks by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals through a Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility.


  1. Three Simple Rules:  

    FPSB has three simple rules that apply to all trademarks, learn more about the Three Simple Rules

  2. Cross-Border Marks Use:  

    FPSB regulates how CFP professionals use FPSB’s CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP Mark  marks outside the borders of the territory in which they first received certification.  Learn more about Cross-Border Marks Use

  3. Frequently Asked Questions:  

    ‘Marks’ refer to the various CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP Mark  certification and service marks owned by FPSB Ltd. Learn more about Frequently Asked Questions


FPSB’s CFP Marks Use Guide

The CFP Marks Use Guide provides the rules and general requirements for using the trademark. The guide provides instructions  on using  the marks in promotional materials, text documents, electronic media, and more. It  also includes a section on frequently asked questions about using the CFP marks.