Introduction to CFPCM Certification Renewal

CFPCM Certificants need to renew their Certification on an annual basis to maintain their CFPCMCertification for the use of CFPCM Marks. The Renewal Date is the last date of the 1-Year Certification Period. For example if Certification Period is coming to an end on May 31st, 2009, the CFPCM Certification Renewal Date is May 31st, 2009. Upon successful renewal the new Certificate will be issued for the period June 01, 2009-May 31, 2010. Any renewals after the due date shall attract penalty.

Renewal Requirements

  • Continuous Education: A CFPCM Certificant needs to earn 15 CE Points during the Certification Period of 1 Year. The requirement becomes due immediately from the first year of Certification and needs to be completed at least 1 month before the Renewal Date.

  • Renewal Fees: CFPCM Certification Renewal Fees of Rs.7,080 needs to be paid while submitting the CFPCM Certification Renewal Form. The fees can be paid through Online Payment Gateway or by Demand Draft while filling the CFPCM Certification Renewal Form in Online Account.

  • CFPCM Renewal Form: A CFPCM Certificant needs to fill Renewal Form online by logging into OCMS (Online Certification Management System). Kindly find refer to Process Chart explaining the procedure to submit the CFPCM Certification Renewal Form online.

Late Renewal

CFPCM Certificants are required to renew their Certification before the Renewal Date (last date of the Certification Period) by fulfilling the 3 renewal requirements as mentioned above. Failure to renew on time will attract Late Renewal Penalty in addition to the Renewal Fee of Rs. 6,900. Kindly find below the details of late renewals;

Late Renewal Period
(from Renewal Date)
Late Renewal Penalty Renewal Fee TotalAmount AdditionalRequirements
Up to 3 months Rs. 0 Rs. 7,080 Rs. 7,080 Nil
Between 3 – 6 months Rs. 1,250 Rs. 7,080 Rs. 8,330 Nil
Between 6 – 9 months Rs. 2,500 Rs. 7,080 Rs. 9,580 Earn 10 advance  CE points, apart from 15 CE points prev. year
Between 9 – 12 months Rs. 3,750 Rs. 7,080 Rs. 10,830 Earn 15 advance  CE points, apart from 15 CE points prev. year
Between 12 – 15 months Rs. 5,000 Rs. 7,080 Rs. 12,080 30 CE points for, prev. 2 year

In case of late renewals CFPCM Certificate will be awarded only if renewed within 12 Months after the Renewal Date. CFPCM Certificate is dispatched after successful submission of CFPCM Certificate Renewal Form. CFPCM Certification Period (Start Date & End Date) will remain the same even in case of late renewals. Certificants are required to comply with CE requirement of 15 points in their every Certification year even in case of late renewals.

Introduction to Continuous Education (CE)

A CFPCM Certificant in order to maintain the CFPCM Certification needs to earn 15 CE Points during the Certification Period of 1 Year. The requirement becomes due immediately from the first year of Certification and needs on before the Renewal Date. CE Points earned before the Certification date are not approved and Certificants are not allowed to carry forward any extra points earned.

Approved CE Points

FPSB India publishes the “Approved CE Points” which is considered for allotting CE points to CFPCMCertificants (Click here to see Approved CE Points). The list includes various categories like submission of articles, speaking assignments, attending seminars and events, undertaking quizzes, attaining certifications & qualifications etc. The list is updated on a continuous basis based on the opportunities available in the market. Any CE Activities which are currently not listed in the Approved CE Opportunities may be brought to the notice of FPSB India. FPSB India will study the case and include the same in Approved CE Points if approved.

Continuing Education (CE) Reporting

CFPCM Certificant is required to submit CE Points through FPSB India’s Online Certification Management System (OCMS). Kindly refer to CE Process Chart explaining the process to submit CE points. CE Reporting is done on a continuous basis i.e. CFP Certificant can submit points for approval as and when they undertake the CE Activities. This facility has been allowed to ensure Certificants are aware if the submitted CE is approved by FPSB India or not and fulfill shortage of CE Points at any point during the CE Period.

CE Documentation

Each of CE Point submitted must be supported with a valid document as a proof of completion. The “Approved CE Points” document establishes the required documents for each of the CE Points. The Supporting documents are usually the self-attested photocopy of press clippings, passing certificates, participation certificates, letter from organizing bodies etc. All the supporting documents should clearly display the name of Certificant, date of activity. Certificants are required to retain the originals for a minimum period of 2 years after the submission date. Certificants while submitting the CE documents need to fill the “CE Reporting Form” giving the details of the various CE Points & supporting documents being submitted.
Click here to download CE Reporting Form.

Failure to Comply

Unsupported, misstated or fraudulent reporting of CE credits is a violation of FPSB India’s Code of Ethics. Such reporting may call for action by FPSB India and may be grounds for disciplinary action taken up for revocation of the CFPCM Certification. Failure to fulfill CE Points before the renewal date will result in non-renewal of the CFPCM Certification, precluding any use of the CFPCM marks.