Organizations that join FPSB benefit from membership in a variety of ways. FPSB partners with one organization in each country or territory, creating a highly sought-after relationship that connects a territory-specific program to global standards for excellence in financial planning and to a global commitment to develop a community of competent, ethical financial planners who work in their clients’ interests. FPSB affiliate organizations also enjoy:

Exclusive Access to FPSB’s Certification and Education Programs

FPSB licenses its world-famous CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification program exclusively to affiliate organizations, and works with them to develop or align territory-specific pathway programs to support careers paths for practitioners seeking to embrace professionalism. FPSB offers customizable financial planning education content that its Affiliates can offer as part of their initial and ongoing certification requirements.

Global Networking Opportunities

FPSB provides a global forum for organizations interested in sharing best practices for certification and membership, standards development, networking, and idea exchanges. FPSB affiliate organizations participate in two global meetings per year, and have the opportunity to participate in numerous panels and working groups that advance the collective focus of the FPSB network.

Access to Data and Research

FPSB coordinates cost-effective global research opportunities, in which participating affiliate organizations gain access to territory-specific data, as well as regional and global rollups. In addition, FPSB acts as a clearinghouse for Affiliate information, enabling organizations to benchmark their progress on consumer outreach, practitioner recruiting, competitive landscape issues and other operational metrics.

Promotional Tools

FPSB coordinates with its Affiliates to provide videos, infographics, territory-specific content, news releases and other promotional materials to aid in the promotion of financial planning and CFP certification to consumers, practitioners and firms.

Regulatory Engagement Support

As an affiliate member of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), FPSB networks at the global level, and supports its Affiliates at the local level, with input on regulatory engagement strategies, messaging, official positions, local networking opportunities and research.

Trademark Protection

FPSB owns the CFP, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and CFP Mark  trademarks in dozens of territories and works on behalf of affiliate organizations to protect the marks from infringement or inappropriate use. FPSB’s legal department works with affiliate organizations to facilitate cross-border activity by CFP professionals, and supports Affiliates with counsel regarding intellectual property protection matters.

Standards and Policy Development

As the oldest, largest professional financial planning certification network, FPSB’s knowledge and experience in setting professional competency, ethics and practice standards are unparalleled. Affiliates benefit from FPSB’s leadership and expertise, and gain opportunities to work with FPSB to develop new standards for the financial planning profession.

Development and Training

To ensure consist implementation of FPSB’s standards worldwide, FPSB provides both training and assessment programs to affiliate organizations offering the CFP certification program, expanding on the principles included in the ISO 17024 standards for assessing certification bodies.


FPSB forms alliances with global standards-setting and international advocacy organizations, such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation’s International Network on Financial Education (OECD-INFE), and works with FPSB affiliate organizations to leverage these relationships in their own territories.

While FPSB is open to developing regional affiliation opportunities for territories with smaller populations, FPSB typically works with one organization per territory. Interested organizations follow a two-step process to become full Affiliates with access to all of the benefits listed here.

Learn about the process to become an FPSB affiliate organization.