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Interested in CFP Certification?
Excellence as a Career Choice

CFP certification is a world-class certification program that tests the abilities, skills and knowledge required to competently perform financial planning tasks. As the world’s oldest and most recognized advanced certification program for financial planners, CFP certification holders consistently differentiate themselves from competitors and co-workers and provide credibility to consumers seeking trustworthy assistance with their financial planning needs.

CFP certification:

  • Is the most recognized and respected financial planning certification around the world;

  • Enables qualified individuals to provide clients with a holistic approach to achieving their financial and life goals;

  • Provides credibility with consumers seeking trustworthy assistance with their financial planning needs;

  • Sets the highest standards for the industry; and

  • Is highly sought after by financial planning employers and consumers looking for competent and ethical financial planning professionals.

The standards and requirements for the international CFP certification programs are based on a global FPSB framework that includes empirical research of the abilities, professional skills and knowledge needed to practice financial planning. CFP professionals are part of a growing global community of financial services practitioners who place clients’ interests first as part of their commitment to financial planning professionalism, and who embrace FPSB’s Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Financial Planning Practice Standards.

To learn more about earning CFP certification, click here, and then click on your home territory.

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Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. owns the marks above outside the U.S. and permits qualified individuals to use these marks to indicate that they have met FPSB's initial and ongoing certification requirements.

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