Press Release  Monday, Jun 19, 2023

New Online Tool Provides Guidance to CFP Professionals Seeking Certification Across Borders in Asia-Pacific

DENVER, COLO – 20 June 2023 – Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) has launched a new online tool to help CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals in the Asia-Pacific region understand the professional requirements they must achieve to obtain CFP certification in another territory.

“As individuals continue to become more mobile and financial opportunities increasingly transcend borders, there is a growing desire from the financial planning community to hold CFP certification, the globally recognized symbol of excellence in financial planning, in multiple territories,” said FPSB CEO Dante De Gori, CFP. “Given the nature of the global economy, FPSB is pleased to facilitate a cross-border tool to help CFP professionals in the Asia-Pacific region learn the requirements to obtain their CFP certification in a new territory to expand their practice and ensure their clients’ needs are met.”

As CFP professionals seek to relocate to other territories within the Asia-Pacific region, the demand for cross-border certification has increased. This demand, along with the request of clients, prompted FPSB, the global financial planning standards-setting body, and its Asia-Pacific affiliated organizations that administer CFP certification to develop the cross-border online tool.

“The creation of this new tool supports the global reach of CFP certification, helping CFP professionals learn the requirements to obtain CFP certification outside of their home jurisdictions, as well as move from one territory to another or work in multiple territories,” added De Gori.

For example, a CFP professional may make a temporary, job-related move from Singapore to China and want to obtain the CFP certification in China while maintaining their certification in Singapore to serve clients in both Singapore and China. FPSB’s online tool helps this CFP professional understand the requirements to obtain CFP certification in this way.

In addition to the requirements outlined in the tool, CFP professionals also need to ensure all territory-specific regulatory practice requirements are met, as well as any further requirements that may impact their ability to practice financial planning in that territory and/or in relation to holding CFP certification in that territory. 

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