• Andrea Middel, CFP, 2023-25 FPSB Board Chairperson-elect

    Andrea Middel, CFP, 2023-25 FPSB Board Chairperson-elect

    The Netherlands

    After a banking career of 13 years in account management, marketing, financial planning and management, Andrea Middel started her own advisory practice in 2006, and currently has three partners. DURF financieel partners is mainly concerned with financial planning for entrepreneurs.

    Middel is involved in process and project management for (pension fund) boards, for example as process supervisor of self-evaluations or as (technical) chairperson. She was chosen as financial planner of the year in 2011 during the PFP Forum.

    She served on the board of the FFP (Federation of Financial Planners) from 2012 to 2018 mainly responsible for the ‘professional competence’ file. In addition, she was appointed as Member of Merit of the FFP. In April 2017, she was appointed to the Professional Standards Committee which advises on the standards for the worldwide profession of financial planning.

    Ms. Middel’s term on the FPSB Board of Directors ends on 31 March 2026.