The process to become a full Member of FPSB (authorized to exclusively offer CFP certification in a territory) generally follows a two-step process, whereby an organization first becomes an Associate Member and then an Affiliate Member. To be considered for FPSB membership, an organization should:

  • Be registered as a nonprofit organization (or its equivalent).
  • Be, or be capable of, becoming the premier financial planning organization in a territory, with a broad base of support from key stakeholders.
  • Provide proof of financial stability, and the resources necessary to develop the programs and processes needed to administer the CFP certification program.
  • Be able to send at least one representative to FPSB global meetings during the application process, and petition in person for Associate membership in FPSB.
  • Be capable of meeting all criteria and requirements for FPSB Affiliate membership within two years of becoming an Associate Member.
  • Complete an FPSB evaluation during each step of the membership process to ensure readiness to meet FPSB membership requirements.

1. How to Become an Associate Member of FPSB

To become an Associate Member of FPSB, the prospective Member first enters into a confidentiality agreement with FPSB to allow information to be freely shared between the two organizations.

Then, the prospective Member develops a business plan, based on FPSB’s template that describes the entity’s legal status, mission, vision, goals and objectives for establishing a CFP certification program in its territory. The plan also includes revenue projections and a timeline for implementation. FPSB provides feedback and assistance to the prospective Member, and the prospective Member attends a global FPSB meeting to petition FPSB’s Board of Directors  and FPSB Council  for FPSB Associate membership.

While Associate Members are not authorized to award CFP certification to individuals in a territory, or vote on FPSB matters, Associate Members have full participation in FPSB Council activities and discussions, leveraging mutual experiences and gaining knowledge and support from the FPSB network.

2.  How to Become an Affiliate Member of FPSB

An Associate Member of FPSB works with staff to develop the processes, procedures and program elements needed to administer CFP certification in a territory, based on FPSB’s global standards. When the Associate Member has all of the elements it needs to independently administer CFP certification in a territory, it can petition the FPSB Board of Directors and FPSB Council for Affiliate membership.

FPSB Affiliates administer CFP certification in a territory, and have full voting rights in FPSB. Affiliate Member representatives can be nominated for an elected position on the FPSB Council or FPSB Board of Directors. FPSB conducts regular assessments to ensure that Affiliates maintain FPSB’s program standards and certification requirements.

Benefits of FPSB Membership Benefits

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